EB1 Visa

The EB1 Visa is an immigrant visa and one of the US employment-based visa categories. Some refer to it as the most employment-based green card category because it offers certain flexibilities and advantages that other similar visas don’t.

It is a first-preference visa that is open to three subgroups of foreign nationals. There is EB1A subcategory for people with extraordinary ability, EB1B for outstanding professors, and EB1C for certain multinational executives or managers.

You are required to demonstrate sustained international or national acclaim in your field. This visa is open to professionals across various fields, including sciences, education, arts, business, and athletics.

The EB1 green card grants successive applicants the US green card, also known as a permanent resident status. This means once you obtain it, you can stay in the US indefinitely and work anywhere in the country unrestricted.

You may also apply for US citizenship after obtaining your EB1 green card. You will be eligible for citizenship application after amassing five years of continuous residence as a green card holder.

The EB1 visa is highly desirable because its application wait time is remarkably shorter than most other immigrant visa categories, which sometimes take years. Additionally, it doesn’t require you to obtain Labour Certification from the Department of Labor, which is a major requirement in most other employment-based visas.


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